logistics provider in China

The company "Chinese Brothers Intl" was founded in 2006.

The company provides delivery, freight forwarding and customs clearance of cargo by sea, road, rail and air transport. We offer customs brokerage services, and can also act as the importer for customs clearance. Company "Chinese Brothers" is an international transportation company that provides comprehensive logistics services for cargo delivery from Ukraine, and also helps to develop competitive advantage for its customers through the use of better transport and information technology. Company "Chinese Brothers Intl" best facilitate the delivery of your cargo from the countries of Europe and Asia due to the fact that our website works as a logistics platform in Ukraine and cooperates with the platforms of Georgia and Russia.

Our service is developing and we are adding more and more countries and areas. We strive to make the customer service process easy and transparent, and to increase the speed and efficiency of decisions. "Chinese Brothers Intl" service helps to calculate the cost of cargo delivery by sea, air or road. You need to enter the desired direction to select the shipping method and you will instantly receive an estimate for delivery. You can also order a delivery service "door to door", customs clearance and after it easy track your shipment using the app on our website.

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